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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Joy campaign. Nominations are now closed. We received hundreds of touching stories about the heroes in our community and are happy to share a few of the stories below of our winners. We are thrilled to be part of such an active community of volunteers and hope everyone will continue spreading joy in 2015. Happy Holidays.

Day 1 Winner: Tracy P.

She is a professional firefighter and EMT, and while she sees people in some of their most difficult times, she treats them with dignity, respect, compassion and courtesy.

Day 2 Winner: Jan G.

Serves our Lower Poudre Canyon Board, Runs our Community Yard Sale, Drops in to visit our home bound neighbors, creates our monthly newsletter, makes our local phone directory, is first to greet all of our new residents. She joins in our monthly Birthday Lunch Group and SPREADS JOY when ever she gives of herself.

Day 3 Winner: Melissa H.

Melissa is dedicated to working with college kids with disabilities. She work endless hours to ensure blind students are successful in their courses. She empowers students to reach their potential and goals!

Day 4 Winner: Mike B.

Mike has been delivering Free Christmas Tree's to the Needy for several years and it is a tradition that is growing. They were active in helping others during the Flood last Summer in Loveland. As busy as this gentleman is in his business, he spreads joy.

Day 5 Winner: Tom M.

Five years ago Tom started an ice hockey team for people with developmental disabilities, the Colorado Ice Wizards. It is a nonprofit. There are 50 players age 5 years old and up. They all love Tom and he works tirelessly to make it a great experience for the players and their families!

Day 6 Winner: Doug B.

Doug is a great scout leader, puts most of his time into the boys. He makes sure they all have pumpkins at halloween and presents at christmas. He volunteers at parkwood estates retirement home by putting up all of their decorations for Christmas inside and out. Puts everyone before himself.

Day 7 Winner: Robyn W.

While supporting her mother through cancer, every time she goes to the hospital for chemo with her mom, she bakes goodies, dresses up in fun costumes and gives gifts and snacks to all the nurses, doctors and other patients at McKee while they help or go through chemo like her mother.

Day 8 Winner: Rebecca R.

Rebecca is my sons school teacher in 4th grade at Pioneer Ridge Elementary and she is the most amazing teacher I have ever seen. She teaches the kids so much and is so loving. The kids love her as well and they learn so much. My son has been struggling but she has helped him and many others.

Day 9 Winner: Mike L.

Mike is the manager of the food room at Broomfield FISH. Although Mike has been through some rough times himself, he makes sure everyone leaves with a full basket of food and a smile on their face. He always tells everyone about the generosity of our community, but never mentions his own generosity of spirit.

Day 10 Winner: Robert W.

He takes time out of his day to read books to the children in the mentoring program that I work for at Shawsheen Elem. He makes short films and often screens his work for nothing more than the enjoyment of the audience and he regularly sets his own needs aside for those of his family & friends.